Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bioprocess Engineering: Basic Concepts, By Michael L. Shuler, Fikret Kargi

Michael L. Shuler, Fikret Kargi , "Bioprocess Engineering: Basic Concepts"
2001 | 2 edition | ISBN-10: 0130819085, 0131228579 | 576 pages | PDF | 20 MB

For Senior-level and graduate courses in Biochemical Engineering, and for programs in Agricultural and Biological Engineering or Bioengineering.
This concise yet comprehensive text introduces the essential concepts of bioprocessing―internal structure and functions of different types of microorganisms, major metabolic pathways, enzymes, microbial genetics, kinetics and stoichiometry of growth and product information―to traditional chemical engineers and those in related disciplines. It explores the engineering principles necessary for bioprocess synthesis and design, and illustrates the application of these principles to modern biotechnology for production of pharmaceuticals and biologics, solution of environmental problems, production of commodities, and medical applications.
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Survey of Industrial Chemistry - Chenier, Third Edition

Survey of Industrial Chemistry (Topics in Applied Chemistry) 3rd Edition
by Philip J. Chenier  (Author), ISBN-13: 978-0306472466, ISBN-10: 0306472465, (6.50 MB)

Survey of Industrial Chemistry arose from a need for a basic text dealing with industrial chemistry for use in a one semester, three-credit senior level course taught at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. This edition covers all important areas of the chemical industry, yet it is reasonable that it can be covered in 40 hours of lecture. Also an excellent resource and reference for persons working in the chemical and related industries, it has sections on all important technologies used by these industries: a one-step source to answer most questions on practical, applied chemistry. Young scientists and engineers just entering the workforce will find it especially useful as a readily available handbook to prepare them for a type of chemistry quite different than they have seen in their traditional coursework, whether graduate or undergraduate.

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