Saturday, September 22, 2012

Message to my blog visitors "Doctors & Professors"

Dear All,

This special message to my visitors: Doctors and Professors of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering discipline from USA, Europe, Asia and Australia, my greetings to you.

 As one of my targets is to complete higher studies as possible, after I graduated till now I am seeking for either research assistantship position or full scholarship for Master or integrated MSc to PhD degree in one of the following fields: Thermo-chemical conversion of biomass and organic wastes using gasification and pyrolysis technologies, membrane technology for purification and separation of gases, and building of fuel cells. Synthetics inorganics for environment and energy applications, synthesis and improvement of catalysis for biofuels and sustainable technologies, Metal-Organic Frameworks for storing of hydrogen and methane.

I obtained BSc (Hons) Class One in Industrial Chemistry with CGPA 3.74/4.00, I have good skills in how to search data and information, e-books, magazines and scientific papers on internet. You can visit my profile on linkedin to know more about me.
If you have a vacant position to me, feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance,

Yours Sincerely,
Ahmed Abdellatif Hassan

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