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Process Heat Transfer, By Kern D. Q.

Process Heat Transfer, By Kern D. Q.
McGraw-Hill | 21st printing 1983| ISBN-10: 0070853533| Format: PDF|Pages: 878|Size: 28.1 MB

Book Description:
This book is designed to provide fundamental instruction in heat transfer while employing the methods and language of industry.

Key Features:
Provides the rounded group of heat-transfer tools required in process engineering it has been necessary to present a number of empirical calculation methods which have not previously appeared in the engineering literature.
Considerable through has been given to these methods, and the author has discussed them with numerous engineers before accepting and including them in the text.

Index to the Principal Apparatus Calculations
Chapter 01: Process Heat Transfer
Chapter 02: Conduction
Chapter 03: Convection
Chapter 04: Radiation
Chapter 05: Temperature
Chapter 06: Counterflow: Double-pipe Exchangers
Chapter 07: 1-2 Parallel-Counterflow: Shell-And-Tube Exchangers
Chapter 08: Flow Arrangements for Increased Heat Recovery
Chapter 09: Gases
Chapter 10: Streamline Flow and Free Convection
Chapter 11: Calculations for Process Conditions
Chapter 12: Condensation of Single Vapors
Chapter 13: Condensation of Mixed Vapors
Chapter 14: Evaporation
Chapter 15: Vaporizers, Evaporators, and Reboilers
Chapter 16: Extended Surfaces
Chapter 17: Direct-Contact Transfer: Cooling Towers
Chapter 18: Batch and Unsteady-State Processes
Chapter 19: Furnace Calculations
Chapter 20: Additional Applications
Chapter 21: The Control of Temperature and Related Process Variables
Appendix of Calculation Data
Author Index
Subject Index

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